Quick Fix for Skyrim Black Screen Issue on PS3

Experiencing a black screen when trying to play Skyrim on your PS3? Here’s a straightforward solution to get you back into the world of Tamriel.

Solution Steps:

  1. Delete Update Data:
    • Navigate to “Game Data Utility” in the XMB.
    • Locate and delete the Skyrim update data (around 106 MB).
  2. Remove Options File:
    • Go to “Saved Data Utility” in the XMB.
    • Delete the OPTIONS file for Skyrim.
  3. Restart Your Console:
    • Turn off the PS3.
    • Restart and launch Skyrim. It should prompt for an update and run normally.


  • Ensure your PS3 is connected to the internet. If you’ve changed your router password or settings, update them on your PS3 as it won’t automatically notify you of connection issues.

Additional Information:

This solution specifically addresses the black screen issue encountered after an extensive play session and saving the game. It is essential to follow the steps carefully to avoid any data loss or further issues​​.


Q: Will deleting the update data affect my game progress? A: No, your game progress is stored separately and won’t be impacted by deleting the update data.

Q: What should I do if the problem persists? A: If the issue continues after these steps, consider checking for any system updates for your PS3 or reinstalling the game.


  • Regular Saves: To prevent potential data corruption, regularly save your game progress in Skyrim.
  • Internet Connection: Regularly check your internet connection settings on the PS3, especially after changes to your network.

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